Cantilever Presses


The RG cantilevered press represents the culmination of over a decade of manufacturing flexo presses, wax coaters, differential coaters, gravure stations and a broad variety of custom processing equipment. The result is a very simple versatile print station that embraces the latest direct drive servo technology to provide a rapid production solution to the modern short run converter.

Production Video


With a six color job change performed in just under 11 minutes and automatic register presetting a standard feature make-ready time is minimized and time in production is maximized.

With simple touch screen operation, graphic web path diagrams, and a press that performs setup and print register automatically the operator is able to focus more on the finished product and less on being a make ready artist.

Standard Features

  • Direct servo driven sleeved Anilox roller.
  • Direct servo driven sleeved Plate cylinder.
  • Servo plate to anilox adjustment.
  • Manual or Servo Impression to plate adjustment.
  • Floating impression allows tissue, poly, and board to run back to back on any production day.
  • Each station has differential anilox speed adjustments for ink or coating volume adjustment. When combined with our Coat Weight Monitoring system any station can provide a specific coat weight per bond ream.
  • Automatic preregister is a standard feature that uses a pin on the plate cylinder to locate the plate sleeve and determine the new servo position for registered color to color print before the web starts to move.
  • The Direct Register feature that is optional on our geared presses is now a standard feature and allows the operator to tell the press exactly how far to move any color.
  • Remote Diagnostics for machine updates and maintenance assistance.

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Press frames are available in 1 to 3 colors per frame or tower. Each customer can mix or match frame combinations and web paths to fit individual production requirements.

Cavtilever Specification table

RG Format name
Repeat Range
Max Working Width
Top Speed
Format A
18" to 24"
60" wide
+/- 0.005"
Format B
12" to 28"
34" Wide
+/- 0.005"
Format C
18" to 36"
60" Wide
+/- 0.005"