VPS-1000 Variable Patcher System

The patcher can place windows on envelopes, boxes or run a continuous stream laminated to a web.

The customer will specify 10DP or 1/4CP for the patch drum repeat.

  • Touch screen
    • Operation, setup and cleaning of the glue station and knife station.
    • Patch length and bag length
    • Speed settings for automatic startup
    • Vacuum and blower functions
    • General operation status and control.
    • Status page for fault records and servo status.
  • Glue applicator
    • The glue application unit has independent plate to Anilox and plate to impression adjustment.
    • The glue applicator is equipped with a doctor blade chamber system. A drip pan is located directly below the doctor blade chamber system.
    • Pumps are available in both peristaltic or diaphragm.
    • Quick change of plate and Anilox cylinder without any use of tools.
    • All rollers are supplied with optimal bearing seals to prevent glue integration.

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  • Belt Delivery
    • The vacuum belt drive is supplied with a separate servomotor linked to the glue unit.
    • The vacuum belt  is a seamless belt with bushings designed to allow quick change.
  • Rotary cut off
    • The Knife and Anvil Rollers are driven by independent servos for  allowing consistent accurate cuts.
  • Patch application
    • The impression roller is located under the patcher's Anvil cylinder, and is sleeved for easy in machine replacement.
    • The patch applicator can be laterally adjusted via a turn wheel and acme screw system.