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Cantilever Presses   The RG cantilevered press represents the culmination of over a decade of manufacturing flexo presses, wax coaters, differential coaters, gravure stations and a broad variety of custom processing equipment. The result is a very simple versatile print station that embraces the latest direct drive servo technology to provide a rapid production solution to the modern short run converter. Production Video Read the Full Story
Auto Lap Unwind
The Auto Lap Unwind consists of two standard stacked RG unwinds with individual Vector drives and dancer tension control. An infeed drive and web reference roller control the festoon motion while a common splicing station cuts and nips the web from one roll to the other.
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RG engineering began in 1990 when our founder, Robert Galyon, applied the state-of-the-art-electronic technology to flexographic printing presses. What he began is alive today, in our economy modules to our in-line and stacked custom print machines. Our focus then and now is to innovate the way you print and constantly improve how you utilize your presses. Whether your business chooses modules which integrate with your existing machinery or our full-blown custom printers and converters, you can be assured the machinery is technologically state-of-the-art and demonstrates superior reliability to competitor's models. We also have the capability to manufacture your designs through our research and design department, and we can build your dream machinery through our fulfillment plant.

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  • RG engineering Inc.
  • 505 London Bridge Rd.,
  • Virginia Beach, VA, 23454, USA
  • Tel: (757) 463-3045

Full Time Controls Engineer Needed

Controls Engineer in Virginia Beach, Virginia, to set up, test, install and maintain flexographic presses, winders, coaters, converting and R&D equipment. Also required to train staff on installed equipment. Travel required approximately 25% of the time, with the most frequent location abroad being Mexico. Travel periods usually last around two weeks. Must have 2 years experience and bachelors degree in engineering and strong B&R programming skills. Email resume and job history to Lisa Bruner at .

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